University Official Gives a Lecture on "Situation and Policy" to Teachers and Students from Four Schools

Publisher:李晨萍Release time:2023-11-17Views:113

On the afternoon of November 16, Professor Niu Wenli, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee, gave a lecture on Situation and Policy to teachers and students from School of Economics, College of Tourism and Service Management, College of Pharmacy, and School of Journalism and Communication, with the theme of Build a New Development Pattern with a New Security Pattern. Senior officials, teachers, and counselor representatives from the schools and colleges, as well as 1500 students, participated in the lecture on site or through live streaming.

Niu explained the tremendous significance of national security in the new era and rich contents about holistic approach to national security from three aspects: ensuring national security is a top priority, adhering to the holistic approach to national security, and creating a new situation in the national security work. He analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by security and development courses in the current international and domestic situations, as well as our corresponding strategies. He also taught students to be alert of espionage and avoid frauds by giving interesting cases, in combination of the characteristics of young students.

Niu Wenli stressed that security and development are like two wings of a body and two engines of a car. Maintaining national security is crucial to the prospects of the country, the overall development plan, as well as the well-being of the people. Based on the two situations, it is necessary to have a clear understanding that the more China develops and grows, the greater the resistance and pressure it will encounter, and the more external risks it will face. We must firmly establish the holistic approach to national security, implement the “ten adherences” of the holistic approach to national security, firmly guard the bottom line of security, and ensure that the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is not interrupted.

Niu Wenli emphasized that the Internet is currently the most active field and also the most uncertain sector, and the Internet security is becoming increasingly important. We enhance the Internet security defense and deterrence capabilities by confronting technology by means of technology and managing technology with technology. We must firmly defend the battlefield of cyber ideology, take a firm hold on maintaining the right tone in public communication, and promote positive energy. By enacting relevant laws, conducting cyber campaigns, and cracking down on online wrongdoing and malpractice, we aim to create a clean and upright cyberspace.

Niu Wenli pointed out that we must adhere to the leadership of the CPC to strive for new progress in our endeavor to ensure our national security, and establish a centralized, unified, efficient and authoritative national security leadership system. We need to strengthen China's capacity for safeguarding national security, and enhance the construction of our ability to safeguard national security. We must be fully aware that the people are the fundamental force in maintaining national security, comprehensively strengthen national security education, raise the people’s awareness and readiness regarding national security and strengthen the public line of defense. We must enhance public safety governance, and improve the social governance system.

Niu Wenli narrated the outstanding deeds of Zhou Enlai, Guo Yonghuai, and He Binglin in leading and participating in the development of the atomic bomb. He called on young students to uphold the patriotic education tradition of NKU, adhere to the principle of national interests above everything, consciously maintain national security, defend national interests, climb great hills only to reach new heights, and serve the motherland!