School of Journalism and Communication Focuses on International Communication through "Appointment with Mentors”

Publisher:李晨萍Release time:2023-11-22Views:210

On the afternoon of November 20, the School of Journalism and Communication launched the Appointment with Mentors - Teacher-Student Exchange Afternoon Tea. Professor Wang Xiaohui from School of Journalism and Communication will share her opinions on the theme of China’s Image Shaping and Journalist Literacy in International Communication.

Based on current international communication practices, Wang Xiaohui explained the importance of enhancing international communication capabilities and enhancing international discourse power. The world today is confronted with the accelerated changes unseen in a century, and international discourse power has become the focus of major power competitions. She started with the Red Flag car that has repeatedly appeared on diplomatic occasions, and introduced the topic of shaping the national image in international communication. Wang said that understanding China has become a topic of the times and the world, and telling the story of the country has become an integral part of the country’s core demands and capabilities.

Wang Xiaohui discussed the growth of international communication capabilities from the perspective of the media industry, including national communication strategy direction, talent pool, content quality, and quantity. She further expounded the achievements of international communication capacity building through news works such as Xinhua News Agency’s China Releases Information on the COVID-19 Control, Promotes International Cooperation in Epidemic Prevention and Control and through the oversea practice of online literature works and games. She said that China’s international communication capabilities have unleashed increasing growth capabilities, extension, and influence, making positive explorations and efforts for the telling of China’s story, the dissemination of China’s voice, the display of China’s image, and the interpretation of China’s path.

Wang Xiaohui pointed out that we need to seek the fundamental logic of Chinese history and civilization, and transform the advantages of civilization into competitive and dissemination strengths. We need to seek development logic from technological revolution, go beyond traditional media logic, step onto the era dividend of technological empowerment, actively integrate and shape the new international communication ecology in the era of intelligence.

Based on her decades of career in mainstream media in the central government, Wang Xiaohui told her students to be aware of their missions and responsibility as journalists by sharing her news practices, encouraging them to find the intersection of personal development, the kernel work of the Party and the government as well as the historical development trend. Wang Xiaohui called on her classmates: China’s international communication looks forward to your participation, and you shoulder lofty mission and important responsibilities!

At the end of the lecture, Wang Xiaohui answered students’ questions on how to extract new concepts and transform discourse in international communication.

This event was hosted by the Student Affairs Department of the CPC Nankai University Committee and organized by the NKU’s School of Journalism and Communication. The “Appointment with Mentors - Teacher-Student Exchange Afternoon Tea” aimed to build a platform for teacher-student communication, broaden students’ horizons, and open up a platform for exchanges views between teachers and students.