Officials of Security Department Visit School of Journalism and Communication

Publisher:李晨萍Release time:2023-12-29Views:71

Xu Hongshan and Lin Xiaozhi, director and vice-director of NKU Security Department, visited the School of Journalism and Communication to conduct a survey. Ma Changhong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the school, received guests at Xiushan Hall.

Xu Hongshan emphasized it is of high significance to maintain the campus safety. He listened to the report on the school’s safety management system, safety education for teachers and students, inspected indoor safety facilities and fire extinguishers, and stated measures be taken against fire or electrical incidents in winter. Mentioning the frequent telecom frauds against university students, Xu said the school should make more publicity efforts and use various methods to help teachers and students better recognize and avoid telecom frauds.

Xu Hongshan expressed gratitude to the school’s support for NKU’s popularity of safety knowledge. In Tianjin’s first Safety Knowledge on Campus massive open online courses (MOOC) competition, the MOOC work How to Avoid Going the Wrong Way in Seeking a Job lectured by Song Yan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of School of Journalism and Communication, and recommended by the NKU Security Office, won the first prize. It is the only one among the 15 first prize winners submitted by universities. The work, in a format of short video, tells the basic knowledge about campus safety, which stands out for its with distinct themes, innovative ideas, rich content, profound ideas, strong educational significance, and high dissemination value.

After thanking the guidance by the Security Department, Ma Changhong said we would continue to leverage the characteristics of the school, and make greater contribution to building of safe campus and safe NKU on the basis of enhancing the safety awareness of teachers and students and accomplishing all safety tasks successfully.