The School Holds the First Communication Competition of Convergence Media Works

Publisher:李晨萍Release time:2023-12-29Views:54

In order to deeply study and implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the integrated development of media and boosting the capability of international communication, focus on fostering virtue through education as a fundamental task, and help the implementation of the Educational Training Program for Excellence Talents of Journalism and Communication V2.0, the School of Journalism and Communication organized the First Communication Competition of Convergence Media Works.

The theme of the competition is to tell China’s stories well and make China’s voice heard. The competition was divided into two parts: academic paper and creation of convergence media works, with undergraduate and graduate groups. Integrated media works, including data news works, traditional media works, short video works, and new media creative works.

A total of 80 students participated independently or in teams in this competition, and turned in 38 works of convergence media. After evaluation, 15 works were shortlisted for re-evaluation. On December 7, the School organized a public evaluation meeting, and judges Ma Ruijie, Tian Yizhou, Yu Mengli, Zhang Huan and Wang Shan, gave on-site evaluation results based on the design concepts and creative processes of the students’ works.

Based on the results of the preliminary review and on-site evaluation of the comprehensive materials, team Zhou Yanni’s work, Citywalk: Time and Space Breakthrough for Urban Workers, team Squad of Five’s work, In the Forest of Concrete, Where should We Live: Stories of the Pains of Young People Renting Apartments in First-tier Cities, and team North-South Cooperation’s work, Traps in Counties: Education Pains of County High Schools, won the first prize in the category of Data Journalism. Xu Zoujiayi's work, Uncovering Secrets! Young NKU CEO’s Entrepreneurship Story in Tiankai Higher Education Innovation Park, won the first prize in the category of Traditional Media. The teams Don't get me wrong, I am in a good mental state and Zhen Huan & Yunli were awarded the first prize in the category of new media creative works for Old Stories of Tanggu and Learn the History of Northeast Railway Development through the Expressing Means ofEmpresses in the Palace, respectively.

To stimulate students' academic enthusiasm and improve their understanding and awareness of journalism and communication as a discipline, this competition served as a platform for students to showcase their talents and communication abilities through open evaluation, enhanced their creative and practical abilities, and contributed to the cultivation of promising journalism and communication professionals who can adapt to the deep integration of media and innovative development of the industry.